What Gifts are on your Shopping List?

Posted by Kate T. on 11.27.12

‘Tis the season for holiday deals and retail splurges. Shopping for family, friends, and colleagues takes center stage during the month of December–unless you’re so on top of your game that you completed your shopping by 3 a.m. on Black Friday (in which case, kudos to you)! No matter when you cross off each item...

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How Do You Spend Time Aboard the Aircraft?

Posted by Kate T. on 11.19.12

Nearly 24 million travelers are expected to fly this Thanksgiving season—and Virgin America will welcome 190,000 flyers alone over the holiday period. We all know that Thanksgiving travel can be grueling and, in some cases, full ofunexpected snafus (who can forget Jon Candy and Steve Martin’s epic Thanksgiving journey in Planes, Trains and Automobiles?). Luckily,...

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Named Best Airline for Domestic Travel by Men’s Health

Posted by Kate T. on 11.19.12

Don’t get us wrong — we’re major proponents of gender equality — but when we learned that Men’s Health named us Best Airline for Domestic Travel, we were thrilled. In particular, the magazine mentions our eclectic (and man-friendly) beer list, which includes 21st Amendment’s Back in Black IPA and Anchor Steam. Along with a good...

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Travel Tips for Turkey Day

Posted by Kate T. on 11.16.12

  It’s the time of year where we’re all looking forward to going home for the holidays and indulging in way too many delicious carbs (Thanksgiving is a cheat day after all – I think it’s a rule).  And while we’ve got visions of turkey drums dancing in our heads, we can forget that in...

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What’s Your Status? Let Your Frequent Flyer Flag Fly

Posted by Virgin America on 11.14.12

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?  Not us!  We’re excited to roll out our first-ever status match offer for our Elevate® frequent flyers. You’ve probably already heard about our fleetwide WiFi, sleek planes, and award-winning service. The thing is, you’ve been locked into an unhappy marriage of convenience: your frequent flyer status on someone else.  We’re now...

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Thanksgiving Plans

Posted by Kate T. on 11.12.12

  Thanksgiving is upon us! It’s that time of year again when families and friends gather around the dinner table for Turkey (or tofurkey) to give thanks for all the blessings in their lives. From the Thanksgiving Day Parade to the annual football games and my personal favorite, pumpkin spice lattes, traditions run deep on...

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In Honor of Veteran’s Day

Posted by Sean H. on 11.11.12

As I’m sure you’ve probably noticed, we’re big fans of our four-legged friends here at Virgin America and the talented K-9s over at America’s VetDogs® are no exception. Loving families across the U.S. raise these pups until they’re old enough to attend a rigorous training program. Graduates go on to serve as guide dogs for...

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Boo Speaks: Our Pet Liaison’s Travel Tips for Dogs on the Go

Posted by Boo on 11.07.12

Since I accepted Virgin America’s offer to appoint me honorary Pet Liaison, I’ve received a number of questions from my inquiring friends.  They wonder, “Why an airline job? And why now?” The decision was pretty easy peasy. Whenever possible, Buddy and I take Virgin America for all our coast to coast travels. Aside from the...

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Gizmo of Choice

Posted by John C. on 11.05.12

As the first airline with fleetwide WiFi and plugs at every seat, we’ve tended to attract a more “plugged-in” flyer, similar to the Nun in our safety video. Wired Magazine once called us a “Multimillion-Dollar IPod. That Flies.”  And with Apple’s latest announcement of the new iPad Mini, we anticipate seeing more and more travel companions in the form of mobile...

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The Battle Over the Coveted Armrest

Posted by John C. on 11.01.12

Whether you prefer the aisle, window, or middle seat (which, believe it or not, is two inches wider than window and aisle seats), one of the most common travel etiquette debates is regarding the armrest. There’s an unwritten rule that the middle seat traveler gets both, but what do you think? Vote in our Weekly...

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