Boo Speaks: Our Pet Liaison’s Travel Tips for Dogs on the Go

Wednesday November 7, 2012 / Posted by Boo

Boo takes his role as Pet Liaison very seriously.

Since I accepted Virgin America’s offer to appoint me honorary Pet Liaison, I’ve received a number of questions from my inquiring friends.  They wonder, “Why an airline job? And why now?”

The decision was pretty easy peasy. Whenever possible, Buddy and I take Virgin America for all our coast to coast travels. Aside from the comfy cabins, the moodlighting is an extra plus that makes us feel quite fancy. Also, the Virgin America Team has been very accommodating—one Teammate even said that I should be promoted to a C-Level executive! (With the caveat that “C” stands for “cute.”)

Since I finished my second book, I’ve realized the importance of comfy travel. If you’ve read my books, you know I live a pretty comfortable life, but there are always a lot of things on my mind when I travel. Did human pack our treats? Did I remember to bring my brown shirt? Will human remember to take us out of our carriers before she sends them through the x-ray machines?. But I find that with a little planning (and a little help from my favorite airline), flying can be just as fun for us dogs on the go as it is for our humans.

Boo’s Top 5 Travel Tips:

  • Dress comfortably, without sacrificing your personal style. You never know what exciting plans might develop at your destination. Personally, I opt for a red cotton hoodie. It’s versatile enough to suit various weather conditions, and it says both “sporty” and “savvy.”
  • Put some care into your carrier. Aside from your human, your carrier should be your closest travel companion. Roll out an area rug or hang some wall décor that makes you want to hang out and relax. Consider a water feature.
  • Zip it, but don’t forget to brush. It’s important to remain in your carrier, all zipped up, for takeoff and landing. However, it is equally important to have a brush on hand to avoid any awkward bed-head situations in photos.
  • Hydration, hydration, hydration. Don’t let your coif suffer from high-altitude dryness. Bring a pet-friendly water bottle for easy in-flight lapping. (Branding optional.)
  • Be kind to your human. Between you and your human, you might be the adorable one, but she’s the one with opposable thumbs. Remember where your next snack is coming from, my pups.