Boo’s Tips for Finding a Valentine

Thursday February 13, 2014 / Posted by Sean H.

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve enlisted the help of our Official Pet Liaison Boo to provide some tips on finding a Valentine at 35,000 feet. 

1.    Scout onboard cuties

Being more than one foot tall can help. Otherwise, see if a four-legged friend or a human can help.

2.     Make your introduction

With Virgin America’s Seat-to-Seat Delivery Feature, you can strike up a conversation by sending a refreshing glass of Le Grand Cortâge sparkling wine or even a snack to a fellow guest on your flight.

3.     Flash an adorable look

Of course, being unbelievably cute doesn’t hurt.

4.     Make a date from 35,000 feet

Fleetwide WiFi makes checking your online dating profile on Virgin America a snap!

What’s your secret to finding a Valentine on Virgin America? Tell us in the poll below!