Cast Your Vote For Our Main Cabin

Tuesday August 27, 2013 / Posted by Madhu U.

USA Today’s popular “Today in the Sky” column is asking its readers to vote on the best Economy-class cabin in the Western Hemisphere. Voting ends Sept. 16.

I should be a good sport and say something like “may the best team win,” but I’ve got some thoughts of my own on which airline will take the title. Though I confess to being a little biased, here’s why I’m pretty convinced our Main Cabin is unbeatable.

What other airline offers its guests the Red ™ in-flight entertainment system, which is on every seatback on every one of our aircraft? Guests have 35 movies and 4,000 audio tracks – not to mention live TV – to choose from. And if you’re feeling hungry or thirsty, Red lets you order and pay for food and drink when you want it. Not only is Virgin America the only airline the U.S. that lets you do that, but we’re the only airline that lets you send a drink (or a sandwich) to anyone else on the aircraft.

Our custom-designed Recaro seats look like nothing else in the skies, but they offer more legroom (called “pitch” in the industry) than most. Our Main Cabin seats have 38” of pitch and feature a higher knee pan, so you have more space to stretch out. And if you brought a bottle of water onto the aircraft, you don’t have to shove it in next to the safety card and hope it fits. Instead, we provide a space for you stash your bottle, and a separate space on the seatback for your magazines and gadgets.

When you walk into one of our aircraft, you realize pretty quickly that it looks like nothing else in the domestic skies with all that moodlighting playing off the white interior. But there’s a more important reason for loving it: Everyone looks better in moodlighting. And that alone should enough to vote for Virgin America in USA Today’s poll.