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A Big Day for Some Pint-Sized Pups

Posted by Sean H. on 11.22.13

Last week we teamed up with San Francisco Animal Care & Control to transport nine homeless Chihuahuas in style from San Francisco to loving homes on the East Coast. We said “bon voyage” with a red carpet sendoff from Virgin America’s Official Pet Liaison, Boo. This was the airline’s fifth Operation Chihuahua airlift, since the...

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ALASKA: No Filter Necessary

Posted by Abby M. on 08.02.13

Alaska has no shortage of natural light and amazing subjects to photograph. From the glaciers to the wildlife, the pictures you take will make your other photo albums jealous. No fancy filter needed, and don’t even think about Kelvin-ing that Puffin. Hike up a glacier and see Alaskan wildlife lounge in their enormous backyard. I...

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Space Shuttle Endeavour Fly-By Over Our Headquarters

Posted by John C. on 09.21.12

Our headquarters office in Burlingame, CA gives us sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay and planes landing at SFO. It makes for some great scenery. We frequently watch our own red tails as they make their final approach (plus any special arrivals, like when Airforce One comes to town). But today we were thrilled...

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Operation Chihuahua 4.0

Posted by Jill F. on 02.18.12

This Valentine’s Day, we headed cross-country with San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SFACC) and 15 furry friends for our fourth Operation Chihuahua. Unfortunately San Francisco animal shelters have been over-populated by ChiChis — possibly due to over-breeding stemming from Hollywood “purse pup” fads. We’ve been transporting these four-legged friends to the Big Apple free...

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