Thursday June 26, 2014 / Posted by Chefs Feed

Last month, our friends at Chefs Feed provided us with a shortlist of delicious eats assembled by San Francisco’s top chefs. For those of you who are still hungry, check out their second edition CHEAT SHEETS below. And be sure to download their free app for a pocket full of yum. Ready. Set. Eat.

Oven baked farm egg from Nopa

“This dish started at Nopa when I was working there and has since become a staple on their brunch menu. Tomatoes are smoked over almond wood and made into a spicy tomato sauce, and during service, a gorgeous pastured egg is cooked in the sauce. Cheese is shaved over it, and it’s served with warm grilled bread. It’s great for sharing—if you don’t wind up fighting over the yolk.”  -Chef Richie Nakano of Hapa Ramen

Spaghetti with huitlacoche and housemade butter from Rich Table

“I love any of their pastas, which change seasonally. However, the one that blew my mind was the spaghetti with huitlacoche and housemade butter. It has simple, pure, rich flavors that satisfy the soul.” -Chef Greg Dunmore of Nojo

Umeboshi somen with uni form Nojo

“This is the richest, sexiest dish I have had in a long time. We have to order two since our two-year-old son Jasper eats an entire portion by himself.” -Chef Nicole Krasinski of State Bird Provisions and The Progress (coming soon)

Potato flatbread from Bar Tartine

I’ve been dreaming about the langos ever since I had it. I fried pizza dough the other night to try and recreate it, but it’s not the same. Nick Balla does a great version of this with sour cream and scallions. It’s a total winner: pretty, delicious, and literally addictive.” -Chef Laurence Jossel of Nopa and Nopalito

Burrata al fungi from SPQR

“This is basically a savory mushroom bread pudding made with brioche, housemade burrata cheese, and lots of mushrooms. It’s perfectly balanced!” -Chef Mark Dommen of One Market

In case you’re hungry and need a ride to San Francisco ASAP we’ve got you covered. Grab a seat.