Fall Back Plan

Wednesday October 10, 2012 / Posted by Chefs Feed

It’s October in San Francisco, which means you’re quickly learning two things.

1. It’s “summer.”

2. You want to wear a dress or a pair of shorts, but maybe you ordered a few too many sides of Tipsy Pig’s sinfully delicious mac ‘n’ cheese to keep you warm during that long “winter.”

Inspired by our friends at Virgin America, who just launched a new Travel Light Menu in the Air, here are a few healthy options recommended by a handful of Chefs Feed’s contributing chefs that will get you out of your bad eating habits (and into that sundress). For thousands of more suggestions by the nation’s best chefs, download the free Chefs Feed iPhone app.

#1. Moroccan Carrot Salad from Aziza

“The carrot salad is part Moroccan, part Michel Bras—and is probably one of the best vegetable dishes I’ve eaten in some time.” ~ Michael Tusk, chef-owner of Quince and Contogna

#2. Grilled Calamari and White Beans from Delfina

“Calamari that’s not fried! (Not that I don’t love fried food. I am from Ohio after all.) In fact, this calamari is delicate, light, and just about perfect. I’ve probably had it every time I’ve been to Delfina.” ~ Jake Godby, chef-owner of Humphry Slocombe

On a hot day, be sure to tuck into chef Godby’s ice creamery, Humphry Slocombeand check out one of his healthy sorbets- such as the hibiscus beet, the current flava of the week.

#3. Caldo Tlalpeño from Nopalito

“At this lovely Mexican restaurant owned by the Nopa folks, I get this soup made with chicken broth that’s full of zucchini, cauliflower, avocado, garbanzo beans, and more, all infused with chipotle chilies.” ~ Jessica Boncutter, chef-owner of Bar Jules

#4. Spring Harvest Imperial Green Oolong Tea from Imperial Tea Court

“I love tea, and I don’t drink coffee. This has beautiful texture and flavor. There is no better tea available commercially than Roy and Grace’s. At this classic tea house in the Ferry Building, this tea is herbaceous, grassy, and buttery. It’s like eating tea.” ~ Josh Skenes, chef-owner of Saison

#5. Chicken Phở from Out The Door

“This is my favorite soup, period. I love the rich and clean broth. It has super flavorful chicken, thin noodles, Thai basil, bean sprouts, fresh jalepeños, and fried shallots. It’s sooo satisfying and healthy.” ~ Loretta Keller, chef-owner of Coco500