Faster WiFi for All

Wednesday June 18, 2014 / Posted by Sean H.

Five years ago, Virgin America became the first airline to offer Gogo In-flight WiFi service on every flight.  And we’re proud to say that we still retain that distinction today – as the only U.S. airline to offer WiFi connectivity on every single domestic flight. As technology has improved and as more and more people are logging in at 35,000 feet, we’re equally pleased to share that as of this Fall – Virgin America will be the first airline to offer Gogo’s faster ATG-4 WiFi service to flyers on every flight. The new ATG-4 service offers more bandwidth within the cabin, resulting in a faster web experience for travelers looking for their “office in the sky.”

Many of our frequent business travelers have shared that being able to stay connected in the sky is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Yet, despite all the announcements on new WiFi service, a Routehappy report showed that travelers can only count on having WiFi on 38% of domestic U.S. flights. With 100% WiFi-equipped aircraft currently and over 80% of our fleet already equipped with Gogo’s faster service, we will be the first airline to have fleetwide ATG-4 by fall 2014.

For our fellow #AvGeek friends, we’ve included a video below of the Gogo ATG-4 WiFi installation process on one of our Airbus A320 family aircraft. Check it out!