Get Some Air

Tuesday March 26, 2013 / Posted by Kate T.

I admit, prior to this season, my knowledge of the Los Angeles Clippers has been limited to episodes of “Khloe and Lamar” and “Basketball Wives.” But with Virgin America’s partnership with the Clippers, I was excited to see breakout stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in action.

In anticipation for Virgin America day, I read @LAClippers and ESPN’s @ArashMarkazi’s tweets, so at the game, I would know the players and their stats and not just be on the lookout for celebrities—although it was quite exciting when there was a Chris Rock sighting.

I am glad I did my research, because it was an action-packed game filled with fun activations. The day started with In-Flight teammates handing out Virgin America “Get Some Air” foam fingers. Everyone was excited to cheer on the Los Angeles Clippers and since it was on St. Patrick’s Day, the crowd spirit was at an all-time high. The In-Flight teammates even joined the Clippers Girls for a photo.

We’ve been known to host some fun Twitter scavenger hunts in the past, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give away some swag bags and a pair of round-trip tickets at the game. Los Angeles Clippers fans were instructed to follow the #myVXexperience hashtag for photo clues on where in the stadium we were hiding. These two were quick to track us down…

During the second quarter, we launched our Text to Win contest and fans guessed “Virgin America’s Highest Flyer” on the video board.

Our winner, Juli Killpack, received round-trip tickets and strutted her stuff with the In-Flight teammates on the court near the end of the game.

In typical Virgin fashion, we transformed the kiss-cam to a mile-high cam, which shocked and excited the audience.

The game ended victoriously with the Clippers beating the Knicks 93 to 80. I can say with confidence that I’m quickly becoming a budding Clippers fan and I look forward to more Virgin America Days with the Los Angeles Clippers ahead.

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