Getting Down and Dirty on Earth Day

Tuesday April 16, 2013 / Posted by Kate T.

Because I grew up in the Bay Area, recycling is part of my DNA. I always make sure to place compost in the green bin, cardboard boxes flattened down in the blue bin, and trash in the brown bin. 

I’m diligent in my individual green efforts, but I knew I could do a little more. Spending a gorgeous San Francisco Saturday with Virgin America’s Green Team volunteering with the California State Parks Foundation was a fun way to have a bigger impact and celebrate Earth Day.

The day started bright and early and we joined friends from PG&E and Anchor Brewing Company to plant, landscape, and spruce up picnic tables. 

With over 30 volunteers on hand from the Green Team including our CEO David Cush, we broke up into smaller groups for a variety of projects. My group took on the seemingly simple task of planting bougainvillea along a roadside fence.

Equipped with our shovels and soil pots, we were ready to get our planting on. But within  minutes, we all noticed we were hitting concrete slab. Our resident strongmen, Tai and Karl, came to the rescue by taking a pickaxe to it. Needless to say, they got their workouts for the day! 

Other Virgin America teammates and their friends and family planted bulbs, built picnic tables, and watered plants. Nora, who organized the San Francisco volunteers, was very happy with the turnout and the project results. “It was a great day with teammates giving back to the community,” she said.


Virgin America is dedicated to sustainability and like the Virgin Group’s Entrepreneur-in-chief Sir Richard Branson, we embrace core values which are based people and planet

Throughout April, Virgin America teammates across the U.S. will participate in Earth Day volunteer projects near our airport stations. Check out the photos from this past weekend here and we will update our photo album as the project pics roll in.