Karl The Fog: Part II – Haunting SF

Tuesday October 29, 2013 / Posted by Virgin America

Since announcing my partnership with Virgin America as a volunteer resident Weather Adviser last Fogust, I’ve taken some time off after working hard all summer. Although I love my job, keeping San Francisco cool can be exhausting (if you’ve walked up our hills, you know what I’m talking about) so I always go on vacation during our abnormally late summer in September and October.

As I write this post, I’m treating myself to a flight back on Virgin America after visiting family on the East Coast (apologies if your city was unexpectedly foggy while I saw my cousins). Luckily for me, the power outlets and in-flight Wi-Fi are keeping me productive as I plot my return to the city where I left my heart (and appetite).

A lot has happened while I was away. The Exploratorium missed me so much that it created a Fog Bridge in my honor. And then San Francisco | The Official Guide asked me to take over its Facebook page.  I’ve also gotten into CrossFit and have gained some impressive cloud mass. I bet I could bench press an entire neighborhood as long as someone spots me.

All of this is perfect timing because it’s about to be one of my favorite days of the year… Halloween! I know most of you like to dress up as something new every year, but I prefer to always go as the single scariest thing I can think of: a heat wave. I roll into San Francisco at the end of October and nobody knows it’s me. Best costume ever.

In years past, I’ve spent Halloween hanging around San Francisco’s wonderfully eerie locales – places like Alcatraz, Coit Tower, and the Sutro Baths. But this Halloween I’m going to change things up and go as myself and “haunt” SFO so travelers see my spooky wave as they come and go into the city. I look forward to seeing you all in your Halloween best too.

A few people have asked for tips on how they can dress as me on Halloween, so I will leave you with this:

4 Easy Tips For How to Embody Karl the Fog on Halloween

(As described previously on my Instagram

  1. Affix several packages of cotton balls to a t-shirt and pair of grey tights or leggings
  2. Carry a spray bottle and spray at random (your friends will really appreciate this)
  3. Move slowly in a rolling fashion
  4. Tell everyone your superpower is giving people frizzy hair