Keeping the Coast Clear…Of Plastic

Monday September 30, 2013 / Posted by Virgin America

Every September, Virgin America teammates from the Atlantic to the Pacific participate in Coastal Cleanup Day activities to erase some of the human footprint along our U.S. coastlines and riverfronts.  As a new airline launched in 2007, Virgin America strives to reinvent the domestic flying experience for the better, and we’ve made a particular effort to operate as responsibly as possible in what is undeniably a carbon- and waste-intensive industry. With investments in a new fleet, emerging carbon-efficient aircraft technology, and a LEED Platinum certification for the employee spaces at our home base, San Francisco International Airport’s T2, we’re always thinking about how to minimize our operation’s overall footprint.

Every little bit matters:  To reduce the amount of waste that comes off our planes, our teammate-led Green Team came up with the suggestion that we move to re-filling guests’ disposable coffee and cold beverage cups onboard whenever possible.  Guests passing though SFO’s T2 can always top up their own re-usable water bottle at the terminal’s easy-to-use hydration station before boarding a Virgin America flight. And recently our First Class guests who order food may have noticed that we replaced plastic kova cups with greener and more attractive ceramic ramekins. We welcome suggestions and feedback from our guests that can help us improve in this area.

And of course, we work in concert with airports and business and other partners who are similarly committed to progress in this important effort. Our friends at the Plastic Pollution Coalition are an amazing source of creative ideas for travelers – and all concerned consumers – who are interested in reducing their waste footprint and their use of disposable plastics in particular.  In honor of Coastal Cleanup Day they’ve produced this educational video, which will also be available for Virgin America guests to view via our Red in-flight entertainment system later this year:

Founded in 2009, Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of people, organizations and businesses working towards a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. The Plastic Pollution Coalition members represent collectively more than 16 million people worldwide, and focus on eliminating disposable plastic and reducing the planetary plastic footprint through behavior change, disruptive innovation and youth leadership.

For more about the Plastic Pollution Coalition, you can follow the organization on Twitter @plasticpollutes or on Facebook.  For more news and information, visit  or