Monday August 25, 2014 / Posted by Monzie A.

If you’ve been a guest on one of our flights, you know that we’re a little addicted to moodlighting. So much so that we have started to see it everywhere. We decided that we needed to share these mood-lit visions with you weekly. Since Monday is the day most in need of a little ‘pick me up’, we have created #MoodlitMonday.

Every Monday morning while you’re rolling out of bed, we’ll be moodlighting something new to brighten your day. Think of us as a new mood-lit planet shining a relaxing, cool, purple glow on your life.  Planet chill.

We were there in the beginning.

On picture day.


Even our office has that mood-lit glow.

Photo credit goes to teammate Sarah Howard.

Have any mood-lit encounters of your own? Please share them with us on Instagram and Twitter using #MoodlitMonday. Grab a flight in the moodlight for inspiration.