#myVXexperience takes social sharing to new places

Friday March 15, 2013 / Posted by Kate T.

Our #myVXexperience campaign launched last fall and since then we’ve been inundated with your mile-high tweets, Instagram pics, and Facebook posts highlighting how you like to experience our mood-lit cabin. From #PhotosFromTheWing to selfies at your seat, you’ve helped us make travel truly interactive — so we have you to thank for helping #myVXexperience get recognized at the Loyalty Innovation Awards in Dubai.

The campaign kicked off on a cross-country flight last fall with Sir Richard Branson and some of our more notable frequent flyers who were a part of the campaign (including that bad boy of the skies indie film director, Kevin Smith). Guests onboard the flight live-tweeted their pics to a digital board in Times Square to as our two men-of-the-hour served morning mimosas and posed for photos.

The flight marked the first-ever live posted Instagram campaign broadcast from 35,000 feet to the ground. And we were suitably chuffed, when we received a hat tip for the larger campaign – which invited Virgin America frequent flyers known for reinventing their own fields (art, music, food, film and more) to share their VX experiences and even curate our onboard menu and entertainment offerings onboard.  #myVXexperience was honored at the Loyalty Innovation Awards at the Airline Business/Global Flight Loyalty 2013 conference.  And we were also pretty jazzed to get to fly to Dubai to pick up the award!

So the next time you are at the airport Instagramming your boarding pass or tweeting that TMZ is following a Kardashian, make sure you tag #myVXexperience!