One of your Better Vegas Decisions

Wednesday January 16, 2013 / Posted by Joe G.

Listen up Party People: your new ride is here (and it’s not my lincoln towncar)

It’s about time: Virgin America is launching new daily roundtrip flights from the City of Angels to the City of Sin starting April 22. The question I’ve been getting all week is “Didn’t you guys ALREADY fly from LA to Vegas?” on account of everyone thinking that Virgin has a lock on all things ‘party flight’ related. Although we do fly nonstop from JFK and from our home in San Francisco to Vegas, we didn’t yet have service from LA – so I for one am excited about the new route.

You know I live in Vegas (because, where else would I live?) and as a frequent flyer on Virgin America’s SFO-Vegas flights I can tell you that without a doubt people have a great time onboard.  Sure, on other airlines you may get the little collective yell when landing in Vegas on a Friday night, but our planes and staff take it to the next level.  With VIP service and the moodlighting, the drinks, the live TV – and let’s not even get into what goes on with the seat-to-seat chat — people walk on the plane like they are Ray Liotta in Goodfellas coming into the Copa. I’ve heard of people renewing their vows in-flight, guys using seat-to-seat chat to get invited to another guest’s bachelorette party and we even got Sir Richard Branson ordained to marry someone on one of our first Vegas flights. Really, anything goes and you never know quite what to expect. Kinda like Vegas. This town is an experience and Virgin America makes the getting there just as memorable. So don’t be foolish and drive four hours — book a flight today and check out our intro fares on the new route.


Check out my short guide to the City for rookies, but if you haven’t checked out the new The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: it’s a must.  A new take on a luxury resort and casino, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas will make you feel like you are visiting an urban oasis – right at the heart of the Strip.  The secret pizza joint (as documented by our friends at Vegas Chatter) on the third floor has the best pizza this side of New York, and I am licensed to say that.



Joe G