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Posted by ashley.d on 01.13.16

Have you ever wondered what it’s like be in a flight simulator? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we thought it might be fun to give you a behind-the-scenes sneak peak. And, we’ve got just the person to fill you in – one of our top SIM Instructors & PC Check Pilot, Katharine...

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Speedy Surfing and Special Surprises

Posted by Sean H. on 12.16.14

Earlier this summer we announced that our technical operations team was in the process of updating our aircraft with Gogo’s ATG-4 Inflight WiFi service. This week we’re proud to report that we have completed the installation on our 53rd Airbus A320 Family plane “Jane”, making Virgin America the first U.S. airline to offer the faster...

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A Plane By Any Other Name

Posted by Madhu U. on 03.17.14

Unlike many other airlines, every one of our 53 Airbus A320-family aircraft has a name. No, this isn’t just the tail number, which our aircraft must have by law. These names are like the names of ships, a unique identifier, and many were sourced from our travelers through contests and partnerships. Last week, we asked...

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A Century of Flight

Posted by Sean H. on 02.27.14

Photo courtesy of Brian Blanco/AP Images for IATA On January 1, 2014, commercial aviation marked its 100th anniversary. In 1914, an industry was born when Tony Jannus flew a Benoist airboat from St. Petersburg, Fla., across the bay to Tampa, a 23-minute journey with only a single paying passenger, Abraham C. Pheil. And what a...

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Barking Dogs Save Fuel!

Posted by Madhu U. on 01.24.14

  Have you ever heard what sounds like dogs barking as your Virgin America flight taxis to the gate after landing? No, it’s not a pack of hounds loose in the cargo hold (Virgin America, by the way, does not transport pets in cargo). What you’re hearing is the sound of the aircraft equalizing hydraulic...

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Posted by Madhu U. on 01.20.14

If you’ve ever flown on the newest aircraft in our fleet and looked out at the wings, you may have noticed something different about her. Jersey Girl, the Airbus A320 we took delivery of in March last year, was named in honor of our new daily nonstop service from the West Coast to Newark Liberty...

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Virgin America Flight Simulator Experience

Posted by Madhu U. on 01.10.14

Virgin America pilots take us for a ride in the flight simulator. Watch how the outside of  the simulator moves as it responds to take-offs and landings. We talked to Capt. Christopher Owens, our chief instructor pilot, about how Virgin America uses our flight simulator. For those of you not familiar with professional flight simulators,...

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We’ve Got Growing Planes

Posted by John C. on 07.15.12

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…. It’s the Unicorn Chaser! One thing that sets us apart from other airlines is the fact that we’ve chosen a quirky moniker for each of our 53 beautiful planes. You may have noticed the names on the side of our aircraft if you’ve ever seen one of our...

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That New Plane Smell

Posted by Abby L. on 06.03.11

  Virgin America grabbed some headlines earlier this year with its order of 60 new Airbus A320 Family aircraft – including the first commercial order for 30 of the new eco-efficient A320 neo aircraft.  With the order and growth from other sources, Virgin America’s fleet will nearly triple in size by 2019.  No one is...

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