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Nine Years of Keeping It Green

Posted by Virgin America on 08.12.16

During our August birthday month, while we are celebrating all of the milestones we’ve notched over the years, one area of achievement we’re a more than a little proud of is our Company-wide commitment to keeping it green, even while we grow. This month, we released our 2016 Sustainability Report. Among the highlights: Virgin America...

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Barking Dogs Save Fuel!

Posted by Madhu U. on 01.24.14

  Have you ever heard what sounds like dogs barking as your Virgin America flight taxis to the gate after landing? No, it’s not a pack of hounds loose in the cargo hold (Virgin America, by the way, does not transport pets in cargo). What you’re hearing is the sound of the aircraft equalizing hydraulic...

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Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Posted by Madhu U. on 11.19.13

The holiday season is almost upon us, kicking off with Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. on Thursday, Nov. 28. The Wednesday (Nov. 27) before and Sunday (Dec. 1) after the four-day holiday typically are among the busiest travel days in the country, and this year an estimated 25 million people are expected to fly on...

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Uber Fancy

Posted by John C. on 09.26.12

We’re pretty excited around here about our new Elevate partnership with Uber. If you don’t know what Uber is, it’s the on-demand driver service in a host of worldwide cities that allows you to request a car through an iPhone or Android app to take you where you want to go. It competes with hailing...

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