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A Century of Flight

Posted by Sean H. on 02.27.14

Photo courtesy of Brian Blanco/AP Images for IATA On January 1, 2014, commercial aviation marked its 100th anniversary. In 1914, an industry was born when Tony Jannus flew a Benoist airboat from St. Petersburg, Fla., across the bay to Tampa, a 23-minute journey with only a single paying passenger, Abraham C. Pheil. And what a...

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Plane Spoken

Posted by Madhu U. on 02.14.14

All industries use specialized jargon that’s indecipherable to the outside world. The airline industry is no different. In fact, some might say the airline industry is more prone to using dense jargon than most. To help you understand this business we love, we’ve put together a by-no-means comprehensive list of some of the more interesting...

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The Making of #VXsafetydance

Posted by Virgin America on 10.28.13

“For the .0001 percent of you who have never operated a seatbelt before, it works like this…” For most Virgin America frequent flyers, the quote above is instantly recognizable. Many of you even may be able to recite the remaining script. It’s the most famous line of our original safety video, which was released in...

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