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The Procrastinator’s Guide to Airport Holiday Shopping

Posted by Jill F. on 12.23.14

I’ve barely touched my holiday shopping list. That thought promptly sent me into a panic attack when I realized that Christmas is just a few days away and I have several people left to buy for. Luckily for me, I’m flying out of San Francisco’s Terminal 2 on my way home for the holidays which...

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Top 10 Travel Gifts for Your Frequent Flyer

Posted by Virgin America on 12.18.13

We’re officially in the home stretch of the holiday shopping season, which means we are constantly surrounded by reminders that time is running out.  Retail emails claiming unbeatable holiday deals are flooding our inboxes.  Rather than add to your holiday shopping panic, we thought we’d remove a layer of stress by putting together a top...

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Where is Santa Flying Right Now?

Posted by Kate T. on 12.24.12

With record traveler numbers over the holidays, we’re tracking thousands of guests as they cross the country on our aircraft to see loved ones, family, and friends. In addition to our scores of holiday guests, our 24/7 Command Center at headquarters is joining NORAD and millions of others to track one flyer in particular: that elusive St. Nick. Check out...

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