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What’s Your Travel Uniform?

Posted by Madhu U. on 01.29.14

I’m always amazed at the variety of sartorial styles that can be spotted onboard an airplane. Some people opt for business attire. On the opposite end of the spectrum, others prefer to fly in comfort, sporting stretchy pants and hoodies. (Or even pajama pants in some cases.) So, for our Monday poll this week, we...

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How do you travel in style

Posted by Kate T. on 01.14.13

It’s a well-known fact our InFlight team embodies glamour and style. Recently, InFlight teammates Jenna and Hilary sat down with Beautylish to share their sky-high beauty and health travel tips.  We know their travel routine, but we want to know yours. Do you moisturize your skin before the flight? Bring a special travel kit with your favorite products? Let...

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What Gifts are on your Shopping List?

Posted by Kate T. on 11.27.12

‘Tis the season for holiday deals and retail splurges. Shopping for family, friends, and colleagues takes center stage during the month of December–unless you’re so on top of your game that you completed your shopping by 3 a.m. on Black Friday (in which case, kudos to you)! No matter when you cross off each item...

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Gizmo of Choice

Posted by John C. on 11.05.12

As the first airline with fleetwide WiFi and plugs at every seat, we’ve tended to attract a more “plugged-in” flyer, similar to the Nun in our safety video. Wired Magazine once called us a “Multimillion-Dollar IPod. That Flies.”  And with Apple’s latest announcement of the new iPad Mini, we anticipate seeing more and more travel companions in the form of mobile...

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The Battle Over the Coveted Armrest

Posted by John C. on 11.01.12

Whether you prefer the aisle, window, or middle seat (which, believe it or not, is two inches wider than window and aisle seats), one of the most common travel etiquette debates is regarding the armrest. There’s an unwritten rule that the middle seat traveler gets both, but what do you think? Vote in our Weekly...

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