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World-Class Events Meet First Class Athletes

Posted by Christie O. on 08.25.15

There are a lot of cool things that come with being an airline– traveling across the U.S., taking fabulous mood-lit selfies, not to mention all of the amazing guests that we have the opportunity to meet. Every now and then, we get the chance to do something truly special that helps shine a light on...

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Time flies when you win the series: The 2015 San Francisco Giants Home Opener

Posted by Monzie A. on 04.13.15

It’s Opening Day already? It seems like we just left the parade. Or, maybe that was the trophy flight? All of the fan fair that goes with being the Official Airline of the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants can get confusing. We kicked things off with a little photo shoot around the park with...

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What’s Your In-Flight Routine?

Posted by Monzie A. on 09.11.14

During the 80’s my little brother and I flew Ohio to Texas and back a lot. To prepare for those long flights we used a cassette player to record the audio from movies and Knight Rider episodes onto many, many cassette tapes so we wouldn’t be bored in-flight. We were most excited when the plane...

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