Win, Place And Show

Thursday September 5, 2013 / Posted by Madhu U.

In horse racing, you’ve really hit the jackpot when you win a trifecta – getting the Win, Place and Show horses right. With the horses, winning a trifecta is often a matter of pure luck. For travelers, on the other hand, there’s a trifecta of perks that make flying a more productive experience: WiFi, in-seat power and roomier seats. That’s what Routehappy,  a site that lets travelers book tickets by an airline’s “Happiness Score,” said in a new report. And here’s why flying Virgin America is a pretty safe bet.

In its report, Routehappy said Virgin America is the only U.S. airline to offer the “Productivity Trifecta” of WiFi, in-seat power and roomier seats on every flight.

In-flight WiFi is becoming more common in the U.S. airline industry, and airlines are listening to demand and installing power outlets and roomier seats. We applaud these advances, but what makes Virgin America unique is that guests traveling on us from any airport we serve to any destination don’t have to guess or check a website to see if they will have access to WiFi or power outlets. They know they’ll get the same product every single time.

This includes our roomy Main Cabin seats.

With 32” of pitch, our Main Cabin seats are among the widest and roomiest in the industry.

 Every single one of our Airbus A320-family aircraft has in-flight WiFi. No exceptions.

In-flight WiFi is available on every Virgin America flight.

On a long transcontinental flight, running out of battery power on electronic devices is a serious concern. What’s the point of offering in-flight WiFi if we didn’t also allow our guests to recharge their devices right at their seats? What if the battery on your laptop died just as you were finishing your latest business plan, or while you were in the middle of updating your status message? On a Virgin America flight, that won’t happen. 

You’re always able to recharge on every Virgin America flight. 

No matter where you fly on Virgin America, you’ll have all the amenities above and more, including a mood-lit cabin and on-demand food, drink, movies and television through our Red ™ in-flight entertainment system. We like our guests to know that when they fly on Virgin America, it’s a sure bet they fly with all the perks on every flight.